How are orders shipped?

Most of our orders are small, flat, and weigh under 13 ounces. This makes USPS First Class Mail the lowest cost reliable shipping option.

Orders are shipped from San Carlos, California 94070.

Most orders ship in a flat brown 6"x9" envelope and will be delivered along with the rest of your first class mail. These first class mail envelopes are not trackable. Once they have been mailed we can not get any information about them unless they get returned to us by the Post Office because they were undeliverable.

Our web site offers Priority Mail and Express Mail as faster and more costly shipping options, both of which are trackable. We have to have Express Mail shipments to the Post Office by 3pm pacific time, if we want their delivery commitments for that day.

Orders that are placed through and shipped by MapTools are shipped the same way the rest of our orders are, with one exception. Amazon pushes us really hard to provide tracking information for shipments. So we charge a bit more for these orders and ship them as a First Class Package, which unlike the envelopes is trackable. Overall this has been working really well, but their are a few postal clerks out there that are not up to speed on the First Class Package rules, and return them to us with the explanation that First Class Letters and Flats are not eligible for tracking.

We can also ship using UPS and FedEx. But our shopping cart will not offer those options yet. So you need to call or email if you need that sort of shipping. We're working on a better shopping cart. But progress is slow.

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