My order should have arrived by now...

Send us an email at, remember to include your order number.

Several things may have occurred:

  • Your order was lost by the Post Office.
  • We had a problem processing your order and you didn't get or didn't respond to our email inquiry.
  • You gave us an address that the Post Office could not deliver to. In which case your order is likely on its way back to us.
  • You are too optimistic on the time it should take to arrive, and just need to wait a bit. Despite their motto about snow, sleet and hail, bad weather and other natural disasters do delay the delivery of the mail. Sometimes it takes a bit longer than we both think it should.
  • And yes on rare occasions our computers burp and loose an order completely.

Once we get your email, will sort out what we think should have happened. You can save another cycle of email back and forth by confirming your shipping address in your first email.

When we're sure we have the right address, and it really should have arrived by now, we'll reship your order.

We do ask that if you happen to receive two shipments, that you return the second one to us. This is easy, just cross out your address, and write "Return to Sender" on the shipment, and give it back to the Post Office folks.



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